Tips On How To Live Up To Your Full Potential

Your self-image and happiness are largely in part due to the choices you have made in your life. Why would anyone consciously choose to be unhappy, or overweight? The fact of the matter is, while there are outside factors impacting life, most of the time your life is solely dependent on the choices you make for yourself. (more…)
June 14th, 2010 by thedailyactionenforcer 

Bring Music Into Your Life

It is important for everyone to bring music into their lives. The music and the lyrics touch us in many different ways. In some cases, they help us deal with pain, and in other cases, they make us very happy. (more…)
April 21st, 2010 by thedailyactionenforcer 

Why You Should Know Your Life Purpose

While it sometimes can be hard and scary to ask yourself the question “why am I here”, many people tend to choose the path of least resistance, apathy. (more…)
April 17th, 2010 by thedailyactionenforcer 

Doing What You Love

What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm sure you were asked this question at least once when you were a youngster. When asked the question, did you have an answer at the ready, or did you need a few minutes to think about it? We all had dreams of becoming something great, like a fireman, a teacher, or a rock star, just to name a few. Well, how did you do? Maybe you never aspired to be what...

March 27th, 2010 by thedailyactionenforcer 

Depression – What Is It Good For?

I have had many periods in my own life when I have been downright miserable and unhappy. The every day choirs and trials have certainly made their mark and there have been many a time when I have failed to see the wood through the tress, as it were. (more…)
March 23rd, 2010 by thedailyactionenforcer