3 Methods To Understanding The Law of Attraction Like A Guru

February 23, 2014 by: theactionenforcer

The law of attraction became extremely popular during the last couple of years. As a result of films such as “The Secret” many more people start to recognize that they by themselves are responsible for things that take place in their lives. There is no absolute certainty as to the reasons why the law of attraction work, regardless of the 1000s of books written on the subject nobody is 100% sure. The reasoning claims that your thoughts are like a magnet which attracts everything it thinks about. Your emotions, thoughts and visions all function with each other to attract the things you feel, dream and think about. The more you research the law of attraction the better you will understand that this world outside is a result of your inside world.

If you, like 99.99% of the world’s population, have been raised to react to outside circumstances, this is often difficult to understand in the beginning. Since childhood you’ve been taught that the outside world rules your life. The body’s subconscious mind accounts for all of our habits, deeper believes and feelings. The conscious mind plays an extremely small part of who we are, yet it’s given the most attention. When reading about the law of attraction tips, always remember that reading is simply not enough and action is required for lasting change.

Research have revealed that your subconscious mind can handle a huge number of tasks at the same time but your conscious mind can only handle one task at a time. A teenager taking driving instruction can be used as an excellent example. Somebody that learns to drive for the first time can only focus on only changing gears, steering, stepping on the gas or braking at any given time. Before your subconscious mind took over a few of the tasks so you could do them naturally, you needed to drive a car for hours. In the same way your subconscious picked up on how you thought, felt and did things since childhood and these habits still rule your life right now. Understanding what’s the cause of our current believes, we’ve got the power to change our thoughts, feelings and visions for a better life.

Do you really understand the law of attraction? Even though you think you know what the law of attraction means, doesn’t necessarily mean you understand it. The roots of the law of attraction go much deeper into the subconscious mind than what you may think. Daily action will play the most important part in how fast and how significant the change in a person’s everyday life is going to be. Watching a film or reading a book about the subject will not permanently embed the brand new believes into your subconscious. Start to do everything within your ability to understand everything you can about the law of attraction, it’s that important. Here are 3 methods that can help you with understanding this subject better;

1. Books – Not one book will have all of the answers you need on the law of attraction, lots of books have bits and pieces and the more you read the more it will start to make sense to you. It’s like building a puzzle. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the best books on the subject, it’s really a definite must read. Genie Within by Harry W. Carpenter is yet another excellent but less known book. Your subconscious mind plays a very big role in your own life and this book provides you with all of the insights you need to learn how to control it.

2. Daily practice – Daily training is needed for your mind to accept your new habits and believes. Begin to see the things you want in your life and look beyond the things you do not want. Train your mind with positive affirmations and remove the negative ones. You have to be consistent, all day, every day.

3. Show patience – Changes will not take place instantly, if only it did, but it will not.Your subconscious needs time to alter and to remove the negativity loaded into it. Consistency will make sure you see results.

The law of attraction is after all a law. This means it is a guarantee, much like gravity guarantees you to have weight on this planet. Isn’t that wonderful news? All you have to do is to think and feel a certain way and your results are guaranteed.

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