Zero Power

December 4, 2013 by: theactionenforcer

I’m the judgment expert who a lot. I have come to appreciate the zero. In this article, zero time is when nothing seems to be coming in, and the whole world appears to remain asleep. Most companies now have lots of really slow times. And, with the majority of businesses, from (for example, 4:45 in the afternoon to 9 AM) every business day, and weekends and holidays, most of what comes in is just junk. I call these time periods, the “zero” time, that wonderful opportunity for me to have fun and get busy.

I now appreciate the zero. When not a thing is coming, I always find something constructive to do. Examples include doing chores, doing maintenance, working on articles and websites, smiling, listening to music or podcasts, watching comedy on television, meditating, ripping music, entertaining the cat, listening to phone messages, eating, sleeping, shopping, chatting on forums with friends, relaxing, cooking, cleaning things, ripping or editing songs, etc.

Empty space or nothing, the vacuum, the zero, and/or the void; are actually totally nothing. As the old Beatles song sang: “the void is shining”. The zero time contains awesome energy and potential, and is often the condition under which most things happen. Without the void (empty space), there couldn’t be structures, forms, or living beings.

While the zero time is in effect, nearly an infinite opportunity actions could happen; which include eating, sleeping, learning, shopping, working, backing up the PC, and/or investing time with your relatives, friends, or pets.

Everything goes on and off, either quickly or slowly. Just as the result that the sun goes away every evening, doesn’t mean we lose any sunlight. Taking a constructive action is usually a lot preferable to worrying over the fact that nothing is happening now.

I try and focus on the present, and help make “now” the best it can be. If I focus on what I do on the now, my long term results will come automatically. I will win in the long term, if I constantly take correct actions “now”.

It is future and the right now that counts a lot. The power of now lets me do what’s is most likely best for either now or the future. I make an effort not to not waste time and dwell much about our history, or all potential futures. I always learn from the past history, but the past history does not limit my range of choice of actions too much. Like that Go Go’s song said: “You can’t stop our world, so don’t let our world stop you”.

The full song named “Three Strange Days” by the School Of Fish band, begins with the words “I am gonna change the way our world affects me; I am gonna dance in the face of everything that could be”. Whatever happens or comes into your life can’t be guaranteed. Whatever happens, usually happens as a surprise, within a part of the awesome “zero” periods.

It’s a good idea to focus more on the now, and much less on the future and the past. Your chances of improving your future situation, often rely on what you generally do in those vast number of “nows”. There’s most often some action can accomplish. Computer, mobile device, and TV choices for entertainment; can help make time pass faster, and/or certain tasks and types of work, much more enjoyable.

Try not to cling desperately to people or things. Try to allow everything to happen, or help to cause things to occur. Do your best, and then allow the chips to fall where they might. In my case, that zero time is is where the universe/lord is saying: “It’s your chance to act”. Alan Watts, while he was alive was brilliant, Google him, and on YouTube, listen to him. I agree with around 90% of what Alan said and wrote.

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